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    January 2, 2022

    Focus on FVAT 2022 9th China (Shanghai) International Fan and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition

    FVAT 2022 9th China (Shanghai) International Fan and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition will be held in Shanghai Jul 13rd – 15th, 2022.

    The theme of the exhibition: In order to continuously enhance the development potential of the fan industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. According to the international industrial policy, and the demand of national major technical equipment, there will be the latest frontier technology and products of the development of the ventilation industry at home and abroad. 

    London Fan has becoming a leading enterprise in the ventilation industry. 13 series of fans listed in the Recommended Catalogue of National Industrial Energy-saving Technology and Equipment (2020),accounting for more than 75% of the products listed in China in the field of ventilation and 3 series of fans listed in the ‘Energy Efficiency Star’ Product Catalog (2020), which need to remarks that there are only 4 ventilation products in the list.

    We will join the exhibition with the ‘Energy Efficiency Star’ Products, which was listed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People’s Republic of China and our latest products which is with energy-saving renovation research.

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