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    spare parts

    Spare Parts

    We supply authentic spare parts made to achieve the same high-performance standards as our products. Spare Parts included but not limited blades, impellers, vibration-dampers, inlet/outlet air valve, flexible connection, sand filters, eliminator and actuator.

    service & Check-ups

    Service & Check-ups

    Our comprehensive maintenance and superior support will maximize the performance of your devices, resulting in higher fidelity.


    Upgrades & Re-innovation

    We upgrade and re-innovate the old inefficient fans with the newest technologies available. The research and development of the special sensor, edge computing equipment and Internet of Things system provide technical support for real-time operation monitoring of fans and will improve the efficiency of fans.

    Repair Workshops

    Repair Workshops

    With our worldwide available facilities, you will never be away from the support served by our experienced team.

    training lab

    Training Labs

    Our training packages can fulfill your requirements and be delivered in the way that suits you best. Welcome your contacts from the professional worldwide distributors and agents!

    wind tunnel simulation

    Wind Tunnel Simulation

    Our precise wind tunnel simulation allows you to simultaneously evaluate your design to let engineers assess and obtain wind analysis results efficiently.

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